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Why Choose Vietnamese workers

Why Choose Vietnamese workers

Why Choose Vietnamese workers

Vietnam is the 14th most populous country in the world with the population of over 90 million. The number of people between the ages from 20 to 39 is about 30 million people, accounting for 35% of the total population and accounting for 61% of labor force.

Youth is outstanding characteristic, potential of Vietnam’s human resources. Those aged 21 to 34 already make up around 24% of the population. This is the age people are healthiest, best learning and most effective working.

Besides, Vietnam Workforce is hardworking, creative, willing to learn and can work well in any fields and environment. In addition, Vietnam has many ancient architectures having inheritance of   French Architecture from hundreds of years. Therefore, Vietnam workers have high skill and long experience in mechanical, construction as well as any other fields.

Furthermore, Vietnam Government also has endeavored to improve skill and knowledge for human resources; there are thousands of vocational training schools in Vietnam: 175 vocational colleges, 290 vocational schools, 1000 vocational s; the methods include training skilled and talent, improving foreign language, as well as vocational standards and proficiency appraisal. Therefore, nowadays, Vietnam manpower is one of the premier choices for foreign employers, especially in Middle East, Asia and so on.


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